Meet our Speakers

During the Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks you will be able you listen to more than 100 of the leading experts, professionals and leaders in quality. This makes this conference unique. Never before have so many of the worlds most experienced thought leaders in quality, excellence and organizational improvements performed in one event. Each speak will be given according to a time schedule.


After the speaches have been given, all of them will be availible when it suits your personal agenda and time zone during the rest of the conference. For participants that follow the “full conference package” this will also include access to the speeches during a time period of two months after the closing of the conference.


Here you can read about our speakers that we proudly introduce. Every week there will be more speakers introduced.

More speakers coming soon

Narelle Stratford

Evelina Ericsson

Blanton Godfrey

Mats Deleryd

Matz Nilsson

Rick Edgeman

Geoff Vining

Thomas Carlzon

Joakim Lillesköld


Noriaki Kano

Ji Deng

Tiia Tammaru

Sanna Nyberg

Therese Ankare

Niklas Sommargren

Per Fahrman

David Dreven

Jörgen Nordenström