Zhuohui Liu, President of China Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting TITLE: Construction of Quality Infrastructure in Digital Age 

Title: Construction of Quality Infrastructure in Digital Age 



Amid the process of industrial revolution, metrology, standards and conformity assessment activities are playing an increasingly important role. In 2006, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have jointly given the concept of "quality infrastructure", which illustrates that measurement, standards and conformity assessment are the three main elements of quality infrastructure. It is believed that "quality infrastructure" has played an important role in ensuring product quality and safety from the source, safeguarding people's lives and health, protecting the environment, and promoting economic development and international trade. This concept has been recognized by relevant international organizations and the international community. 


For decades, people have been exploring tools and methods for quality management to make them play a better role in ensuring and improving the quality of products or services, meeting the ever-increasing consumption needs of consumers, protecting the environment, saving resources and undertaking social responsibilities. However, we should know that any advanced quality management method can play a better role only under the strong support of quality infrastructure. 


Entering the digital age, we care about and talk more about how to establish the quality management system in the digital age; how to manage and control the quality and risk in the digital age; quality management of advanced manufacturing system industry chain and other topics. In order to contribute to the study of these courses, this paper discusses how to adapt to the digital process and the needs of the digital age from the perspective of strengthening the construction of "quality infrastructure" and become an effective technical support for quality management in the digital age. 



Professor, Academician of IAQ

President of China Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting

General Engineer of the former Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, PRC

Executive Member of International Personnel Certification Association (1999---2004)

She has been engaged in research and management in the fields of standards, measurement, conformity assessment, quality management and quality supervision for more than 40 years.