Wang Li, Vice President of Haier Smart Home and General Manager of Haier Air Conditioning

Title: Best User Experience – The Practice and Performance of Quality Objectives in Air Conditioning Industry



Haier Air Conditioning has always been “user-centric, quality first” in quality control. In “ecosystem brand era”, Haier Air Conditioning starts from providing “scenario-based” user experience. We pay attention to user demand verification beforehand, quick response and collaboration during the process, and upgrade of quality system afterwards. It continuously meets the user demand, and creates an excellent quality management model.



Wang Li, Vice President of Haier Smart Home and General Manager of Haier Air Conditioning, is a state-certified senior engineer with special government subsidies, and received the EMBA degree from Renmin University of China. Since joining Haier in 1988, Wang is a seasoned manager with a 20-year experience in quality control. She has served as the Director of Haier AC Quality Control Department, Director of Haier AC Management Department, Director of Haier Housing Facility, and Director of Haier CAC. She has won the 2nd prize of Science and Technology Progress Award from the National Light Industry Federation, the 2nd prize of Science and Technology Award from the China Machinery Industry Federation, the award of Outstanding Contribution to the HVAC Industry, Excellent Entrepreneur of Qingdao, Model Worker of Qingdao, and etc.

About Haier:

It has been over 30 years since Haier was founded in 1985. With home appliances industry transitioned from traditional industry era, to Internet era, to IoT era, Haier Air Conditioning has also experienced the evolution from developing product brand, to platform brand, to ecosystem brand. In May 2019, Haier Air Conditioning launched the whole-space, full-dimensional, and all-scenario air solution, to create the world’s No.1 ecosystem air solution brand.

In 2020, the sales volume of Haier accounted for over 31% of the market share, ranking global sales volume No.1 for the fifth year in a row;

In 2019, Haier Air Conditioning won the world's first anti-allergy certification from Tick-Mark;

In 2017-2019, Haier Air Conditioning was shortlisted for the ITEA Finals in the United States three times with outstanding results in the preliminary competition.

In 2018, Haier Air Conditioning was awarded "National Quality Benchmark" by the China Quality Association.

In 2017, Haier Air Conditioning won 2 gold medal awards on 42nd International Quality Management Group Conference (ICQCC).