Sunil Sinha, President Director of Tata Sons for Middle East and North Africa (MENA TITLE: Tata Business Excellence Journey – A Race without a Finish Line)

Title: Tata Business Excellence Journey – A Race without a Finish Line



This presentation aims to share the learnings, key success factors and the role of leadership from the Business Excellence Journey of the Tata Group.Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) which is fashioned on Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards Program of USA has helped in driving change within the Tata group from inside out in the last two and a half decades. TBEM has been conceived to deliver strategic direction and drive business improvements at the Tata group. Tata Group, is a complex, globally diverse organisation which operates in 10 sectors, with 100 companies and 0.75 million+ employees. TBEM is the thread which connects and invests Tata group companies with the inherent dynamism to evolve and keep pace with ever-changing business performance parameters, aimed at enabling them to capture the best global business processes and practices.

The main objectives of the Tata business excellence model assessment methodology are to enhance value for all stakeholders and contribute to marketplace success, maximize enterprise-wide effectiveness and capabilities, and deliver organizational and personal learning. The TBEM matrix is used for the organizational self-assessment of Tata companies, recognition and awards, and for providing feedback to applicants.

In addition, TBEM plays three important supportive roles in strengthening the competitiveness of Tata companies.

They are:

• Improve business excellence practices, capabilities and results. TBEM also serves as a leadership development programme in The Tata group.

• Facilitates communication with a common language of excellence and sharing of best practices among Tata companies.

• Serves as a working tool for understanding and managing performance, for providing planning guidance, and for identifying learning opportunities.

The presentation will also cover role of leadership, key success factors and learnings from the Business Excellence Journey



In a professional career spanning over three decades, Sunil has held a variety of leadership positions in the areas of business, and business of excellence in the Tata Group (a business house with revenues of over $100 Bn). His leadership style is rooted in Tata’s uncompromising approach to ethics and excellence.

Currently, Sunil is the Resident Director of Tata Sons for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – a role which has him travel extensively across the region, establishing and nurturing a robust collaborative network in a multi-cultural environment. Through this, he has developed a deep understanding of MENA’s regional culture, geopolitics and business opportunities. His relationships with key members across multiple stakeholders in various countries have proven to be an asset in expanding complex Tata businesses in different industry sectors. In his tenure, ten new Tata companies/ businesses have established their presence in MENA. In addition, Sunil has led Tata Group strategy for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Turkey, Iran and Egypt.

Prior to this role, Sunil served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) – the organization responsible for group-wide implementation of the business excellence, innovation, sustainability, safety and corporate governance programmes. One of his most significant achievements in this role was to spearhead globally, for over 100 Tata companies, the implementation of the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) – a transformational and holistic improvement programme fashioned on USA’s Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Programme.

His global contribution and thought leadership in business excellence is also recognized by the Malcolm Baldrige Foundation which led to his appointment to their board in 2015. In 2009, Business Week recognized him as one of the ‘25 Masters of Innovation’ in the world.  He has recently been elected as an academician in the prestigious and exclusive International Academy for Quality and he serves as the Vice Chair of IAQ’s Think Tank on Quality and Sustainability. Sunil has also delivered keynote addresses on the subjects of business excellence and innovation at the Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business, ASQ’s Global Conference in USA and in several other international organizations in Sweden, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Sunil has served on various Tata company boards and advisory bodies such as the International Council of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Advisory Board of CII Institute of Quality and ASQ’s Global Advisory Council in USA. He has also regularly interacted with think tanks and policy makers of various countries.

His international exposure and balanced experience in business transformation and business development put him in a unique position to advise companies and their leadership in creating value through business transformation, sustainability and international expansion.