Stephen Hacker, CEO Transformation Systems International, LLC and past Senior Leader at Procter & Gamble TITLE: Transformational Leadership: Addressing accelerated change and increased complexity.

Title: Transformational Leadership: Addressing accelerated change and increased complexity. “Better to ride the rapids than fight for survival in rough seas.”



The enormous forces of Accelerated Change and Increased Complexity can give rise to transformational performance…if leaders are not restrained by the existing culture.  The origins of accelerated change are found in the compounding of ideas and their innovations, while complexity ferments as a result of societal integration.  Together they create an abundance of transformational opportunities.  Better understanding of traditional quality trappings and how best to create fast-track progress will be the focus of this address.



Recognized globally, Stephen is a transformational change leader.  His expertise is much sought after regarding delivering transformational initiatives, effectively coaching leaders, and developing exceptional teams.  He has authored scores of articles and ten books, the latest being Lead Self First before Leading Others (Business Expert Press).

After completing his corporate career as a senior leader with Procter & Gamble, he served as the Executive Director of The Performance Center, a multi-university organization conducting action-research in the fields of Systems Engineering and Organizational Psychology.  He is currently CEO and a founding partner of Transformation Systems International, LLC.  He is a Past Board Chair, Fellow, and Distinguished Service Medal recipient with the American Society for Quality.

 “Transformation is a natural, unrelenting force. It’s time we embraced radical change.”