Shinichi Sasaki, Appointed President of JUSE and IAG, Past Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor Corporation TITLE: Challenge of ’Quality-Oriented Management’ - Correspond to changing Social & Customer Needs.

Title: Challenge of ’Quality-Oriented Management’ - Correspond to changing Social & Customer Needs.



I would like to extend my congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Sandholm Associates.  In this revolutionary change in industrial structure which is regarded as the greatest of the century, social demand and customer needs have widely changed. We also need to change ourselves in order to realize sustainable society. I herein introduce Toyota’s quality initiatives I have addressed and what JUSE is currently addressing. 


1.Toyota’s history of quality 

-      the Five Main Principles of Toyoda: contributing to the Company to the overall good, always be studious striving to stay ahead of the times, and adopting of the customer first perspective



-      invention of automatic loom, building quality into each process, 

JKK expanded from manufacturing to office operation


3-1) Toyota’s business management to realize two different values at once 

-      originally, activities to realize social values and customer values used to be taken separately

-      Rise in social demand, and expectation and demand for safety, environment and energy conservation, etc.

*development of Prius, a model to realize both values at once


3-2) Toyota's new initiative Woven City Project

-       With the evolution of new technologies and systems such as CASE and MaaS,

Simultaneous achievement of social value and customer value has been required.


4.The issue for all industries in Japan 

-      assuming the president of JUSE, re-definition of quality-oriented management

* (the Reiwa Oiso Declaration)

Ø  Creation of new customer values and acquisition of the organizational capabilities 

society for quality-oriented management research: TQM and then some, and the latest IT/ICT technologies


5.Reflection in IAQ’s new direction

realization of sustainable society and human happiness, continual creation, challenge to contribution, Toyota’s quality



Born Dec. 18th 1946

1970 Graduated Hokkaido University, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree.

1970 Joined Toyota Motor Industrial Company

 (I982 renamed as Toyota Motor Corporation: TMC)

‘70-’90  Motomachi Plant Inspection Div, RE to Product Planning

        Tsuttumi Plant QC, Quality Assurance Div., TMC HQ         

1991 Toyota Motor UK, QC GM

1995 QC GM Tsutsumi Plant, TMC

1996 Manufacturing GM Tsutsumi Plant TMC

1999 Administration GM Tsutsumi Plant TMC

2001 Director, Board Member of TMC

2003 Managing Officer, TMC

2003 Plant General Manager, Takaoka Plant, TMC

2004 President of TME (Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Europe)

2005 Senior Managing Director, TMC

2007 Chief Officer, Quality, TMC

2008 Chief Officer, IT&ITS, Customer Service

2009 Executive Vice President, TMC

2010 Chief Officer, Information System,

2013 Senior Advisor to the Board, Senior Tech. Advisor

2014 Appointed President of JUSE

2017 Joined IAQ member as an Academician

2018 Dec. Retired from Toyota Motor Corporation

2021 Jan. Appointed President of IAQ