Rory McIntyre, Development Manager at Neste Ltd.

Title: Virtual Gemba: leading and facilitation of process improvement events in a virtual world.



Last year COVID-19 disrupted everything. This disruption caused organizations and professionals to learn new skills as we quickly worked to adapt and get used to working in a virtual world. Learning new ways to facilitate and lead process improvement teams virtually was initially a challenge, but we have learned some best practices for how to effectively and, in some ways, more efficiently help teams drive process improvements in an online setting. This session will focus on learning more about these best practices and will better equip the audience for leading virtual process improvement projects.


Learning objectives:

- Define the challenges and opportunities of virtual gemba walks

- Understand the virtual gemba process

- Learn some best practices for how to effectively and efficiently lead virtual process improvement projects.



Rory McIntyre is a Development Manager at Neste Ltd. Rory is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has been working in Continual Improvement roles for over 12 years, building improvement culture through the development of Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen and Root cause analysis capability, as well leading end to end process improvement projects.