Ronald D. Snee, Founder of Snee Associates, LLC TITLE: Holistic Improvement - Taking Improvement to the Next Level

Title: Holistic Improvement - Taking Improvement to the Next Level



Lean Six Sigma is generally recognized globally as the premier approach to performance improvement. What’s the next step in the improvement journey you ask? More is needed and more is possible. In short improvement must become continual, never ending and holistic involving all parts of the organization. Improvement needs to become a business function like Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology with goals, budgets and management reviews. Led and managed in this manner, continual, holistic improvement can become a competitive advantage.


The concepts, approaches and the leadership needed to make continual, holistic improvement a competitive advantage is discussed. The use of statistical engineering is proposed as an effective method for solving the myriad of large, complex, unstructured problems that will need to be addressed along the way including the use of “Big Data” to make improvements. Holistic improvement also enables the integration of diverse improvement approaches into a single system, thereby avoiding the trap of “flavor of the month” improvement approaches. Case studies and examples are included to motivate the use of the approach and illustrate its use.



Ron Snee is Founder of Snee Associates, LLC, a firm dedicated to the implementation of process and organizational improvement initiatives.  He provides guidance to business executives in their pursuit of improved business performance using Quality by Design, Lean Six Sigma, Continued Process Verification and other improvement approaches that produce bottom line results. He has authored several articles and books on QbD implementation and speaks regularly on the subject.

He has played a leadership role in 32 major improvement initiatives for firms such as Kraft Foods, Novartis, Schering Plough, Merck, Human Genome Sciences, Celgene, and Boehringer-Ingelheim. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the pharmaceutical programs at Temple and Rutgers Universities. He worked at DuPont for 24 years in a variety of assignments prior to starting his consulting career.


Ron received his BA from Washington and Jefferson College and MS and PhD degrees from Rutgers University.  He is an academician in the International Academy for Quality and Fellow of the American Society of Quality, American Statistical Association, and American Association for the Advancement of Science. 


Ron is an Honorary Member of ASQ and has been awarded ASQ’s Shewhart, Grant and Distinguished Service Medals, and ASA’s Deming Lecture, Dixon Consulting and Gerald J. Hahn Quality and Productivity Achievement Awards.  He is a frequent speaker and has published 8 books and more than 330 papers in the fields of quality, performance improvement, management, and statistics. Ron was recently recognized as the 2020 Washington and Jefferson College Entrepreneur of the Year.