Robin Mann, Head of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, Massey University, TITLE: Importance of Benchmarking & Business Excellence in Today’s World

Title: Importance of Benchmarking & Business Excellence in Today’s World



This presentation will present the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER)’s recent work in benchmarking and business excellence and discuss the relevance of these topics in today’s world. Areas that will be covered:

a)      Research supported by the Global Excellence Model Council in which 26 countries participated investigating the design, deployment, and impact of National and Regional Business Excellence (BE) programs. Some of the research findings relevant to the Swedish Institute of Quality and the promotion of excellence within Sweden will be shared.

b)      Research on more than 50 business excellence award winners investigating the foundations for a successful business excellence journey. A novel concept of Organisational Excellence Architecture requisite to implement business excellence is introduced.

c)      Present the Best Practice Improvement Resource (, re-launched in May 2021. A resource designed to assist organisations in their benchmarking endeavours through sharing best practices with all data/information uniquely linked to business excellence models.

d)      Provide an overview of the powerful TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking Methodology used by organisations to fast-track and embed breakthrough performance. The methodology has recently been used to assist the Dubai Government in recovering from COVID-19 and since 2015, thirty-five benchmarking projects for the Dubai government have been undertaken (from tackling Diabetes to increasing the safety and efficiency of baggage handling at Dubai Airports).



Dr Robin Mann is Head of the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, Massey University, New Zealand, Chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network, Board Member New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation, Co-Founder of Limited – a best practice website resource, Founder of the International Best Practice Competition and Organisation-Wide Innovation Award, and Founder of the TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking Methodology which was initially developed for the New Zealand Benchmarking Club. The TRADE methodology has been used by New Zealand’s largest company Fonterra and hundreds of organisations from around the world – particularly Singapore’s and UAE’s public sector. Robin has served as a Business Excellence/Productivity Advisor to many countries, most recently working for the Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Award and Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award as a technical coordinator and for National Productivity Organisations in Mongolia, Bangladesh and Pakistan advising on productivity strategy/services for nation building. Robin was awarded the Harrington/Ishikawa Medal in 2011 for contributions to the advancement of quality in the Asia Pacific region. Robin is originally from the UK where he obtained his PhD in TQM at Liverpool University in 1992. Robin enjoys playing football and participating in triathlons in his spare time.