Per Ciwesson, Business Transformation Manager in Tetra Pak TITLE: Future is bright but also different

Title: Future is bright but also different



1.       The world around us

  • Trends and opportunities
  •  Change patterns in customer and consumer behaviour
  • Increasing speed of change

2.       About Tetra Pak

  • Our role, promise and brand
  • Our industry + what products
  • Our focus on people, food and our planet

3.       People

  • Empowerment – use our full strength
  • Governance and decision structure
  • Problem solving and Continuous Improvement
  • Business Transformation and Change Management

4.       Our planet

  • Sustainability  - net zero ambition
  • New materials (no al foil), paper straws, tethered caps etc

5.       Customer satisfaction

  • Undisputed Quality Leadership
  • Development of new products
  • Customer Feedback
  • Changing the way we work becoming more Dynamic, Productive and Capable



Currently Business Transformation Manager in Tetra Pak. I work as coach and facilitator weekly to other people and organisations in Tetra Pak but also with our Business Transformation portfolio in two of our largest organisation, Development and Engineering as well as Packaging Systems Commercial Operations

Have experience from Car industry and have also held more than 15 different jobs during 30 years in Tetra Pak, most of them focusing directly or indirectly on quality improvements, see through the eyes of our customers

Expert areas, Quality management, Process Management, Change Management but have also worked with Supplier Management, Master Data management, Project management