Pedro Manuel Saraiva, Dean of NOVA IMS TITLE: Quality 4.0: same principles, new challenges!

Title: Quality 4.0: same principles, new challenges!



The legacy to the quality world of Lennart Sandholm, and then also of Lars Sörqvist, are really worthwhile remembering and celebrating, as the result of 50 years of important contributions made to quality in Sweden and the world.

It is under this context that we will be looking into the emerging Quality 4.0 as a way to move into the future but based upon the very same quality based principles, but having the possibility of applying them with new tools and under contexts of big data, industry 4.0, or even in a broader sense of society 4.0.

In this presentation we will discuss, by combining concepts with practical examples, how important it is nowadays for quality professionals to understand and apply quality management principles and methodologies, but taking into consideration how quality is evolving and the new challenges that the new Quality 4.0 environment brings to the table and should be taken into account for organizations that want to make out of quality a real strategic competitive advantage in the twenty first century, which may well be, as forecasted by Juran, who mentored Lennart Sandholm, the century of quality.   



Dean of NOVA IMS, President of APQ, Vice-President of EOQ and IAQ. Diploma from the University of Coimbra, Portugal (1987) and PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT, USA (1993); Assistant (1993-2001), Associate (2001-2010) and Full (2010-) Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Coimbra; Dean of NOVA-IMS (Information Management School at the Nova University of Lisbon (2018-);  Member of the Portuguese National Parliament (2009-2012 and 2012-2015); Pro-Rector of the University of Coimbra (2003-2004 and 2005-2006); Vice-Rector of the University of Coimbra (2007-2009); Advisor of the President of Portugal for Higher Education (2006-2009); First receiver of the Feigenbaum Award (1998) by ASQ (American Society for Quality); Receiver of the Yoshio Kondo Award (2019); Associate (2010-2015) and then Full Member (2015-) and of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) where he is also the Chair of the Think Tank for Quality in Education (2016-); Vice-President (2018-2020) and President (2021-2023) of the Board of the Portuguese Association for Quality (APQ); Vice-President of the Executive Board of the European Organization for Quality (2020-), where he is also a member of the European Quality Trademark team that created and is managing this project (2020-); Vice-President and Member of the Board of Trustees of IAQ (2021-); Has participated in many projects regarding Quality Management, Excellence Models, Quality in Education and Quality in Higher Education, both in Portugal and abroad (e.g. Polandography  , United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia); Has participated in international panels for Higher Education Quality Assessment conducted by the Accreditation Agencies of Oman and Mauritius; Has been collaborating with OECD and the European Commission in the development and application of a self-assessment platform for evaluating the innovation and entrepreneurial environments and initiatives carried out by Higher Education Institutions (HEInnovate); Author of over 100 papers published in indexed journals (Scopus) and several books in the fields of quality, entrepreneurship, innovation and PSE, he has also supervised over 10 PhD students in different areas of Quality Management and Process Systems Engineering.

Over 25 years of national and international experience of teaching and training in the quality field, including keynote presentations, workshops and higher education courses related with quality management, innovation and entrepreneurship. Wide experience regarding quality management standards (ISO 9001) and Excellence Models (Portuguese Quality Award, EFQM, GEM from UAE and the Iberoamerican Model of Excellence).