Patricia C. La Londe, Past Chair of the ASQ Board of Directors TITLE: Management of Risk

Title: Management of Risk



One of the 3 items research indicated for why Quality 4.0 matters was Mitigation of risks.  In 2017 the ASQ/IAQ research on the “Changing Competencies for Quality Professional” indicated, an increased need for change and risk management.  Digital skills as well as quality principles and tools but just as critical are working effectively with teams in order to lead a culture of quality.

Quality describes the analytical approach that should be used for “making sense” out of the “environmental situation” in which the data was collected.  Quality professionals can bring more value by interconnecting all of the quality principles and tools.  Being at the leadership table to lead change in ERM and the culture of quality for all industries and sectors, including government, law enforcement, and the judicial systems. 

A strong ERM program can provide a structure, more relevant and available reporting, and analyses of all risks.  The reports are standardized and track enterprise risks that can improve the focus of directors and executive by providing data that enables better risk mitigation decisions.  Bottom line it helps leadership understand the most important risks areas.

The organizations that are more prepared, that plan, and have good communication in turn, there is an increase to the value of their organizations through gains in reputation, prevention of financial losses, and investment in expanded services to benefit both the organization and the communities.



Pat La Londe is recently retired executive in Supply Chain Management with expertise leading teams in all aspects of supply chain including supplier quality, procurement, global sourcing, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and integrations across diverse businesses.  Pat is a Fellow member of ASQ, past Chair of the ASQ Board of Directors, recent recipient of ASQ’s Distinguished Service Medal and 4 year core council member of APQO.  She maintains professional certifications; Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) Quality Engineering (CQE), and Quality Auditing (CQA) from ASQ.