Ola Svanström, Quality Manager for ABB Sweden

Title: It is challenging to get the temperature of an organizations quality performance. 



In this speech we will show a pragmatic and hands on process for setting KPIs from a value chain analysis and then use them in daily improvement work. By this we can evaluate what is important to improve, what actions we need to take and also get commitment for this in the organization and by that make sure we are moving our company in the right direction.



Kort biografi (jag antar du menar vem jag är och vad jag gör):

·       M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from KTH, Stockholm and a MBA from Uppsala University

·       Has worked in ABB Robotics since 1988 mostly in Sweden but also in Switzerland

·       Has worked in R&D and Product Management many years and from 2016 as Quality Manager for ABB Robotics in Sweden and later also Quality Manager for ABB Sweden

·       Very interested in and thrilled by moving Quality as a function closer to customer experience and sustainability