Nicklas Bergström, CEO of Consilium Safety Group TITLE: Quality-oriented Corporate development

Title: Quality-oriented Corporate development



I believe that the key to success to a quality-oriented corporate development is to have the management involved and living according to its principles. A company must always improve to become better and better in the constant battle towards its opponents to be the customers first choice. So why not use the power of the quality world to drive needed improvements throughout the company? Everything from strategic, to tactic to operational improvements.

The management team must be at least as committed as everybody else in the company and lead by example when it comes to continues improvement. We have a strong belief that if we, in the management team, work with our own improvement board and if we have Lessons Learn as our last item on the agenda for the management meeting, then we will send the message that we believe in this way of working and continuous improvement in the company has a much better chance to flourish.



Nicklas Bergström is CEO of Consilium Safety Group. We are a world-leading producer of safety technologies mainly for the marine, trains and the building sector. He started his journey at Consilium in 1994 so he has a solid knowledge of how the business and the industry work. He is responsible for leading the entire group towards continued growth and profitability with the help of Consilium's three strategic pillars - Helping customers succeed, A great place to work and Profitable growth.