Miroslav Drljača, Assistant Professor University North, Croatia and President and CEO at Zagreb Airport, Ltd. TITLE: Quaity Management system implementation project in the public administration of the Republic of Croatia

Title: Quaity Management system implementation project in the public administration of the Republic of Croatia



On the scale of global competitiveness of about 140 countries around the world, Croatia in the period 2004-2019 ranks an average of 69th place. One of the five most common reasons for insufficient competitiveness is the public administration inefficiency. Therefore, public administration reform is one of the most frequently mentioned reforms in the programs of political parties.


Public administration includes government bodies, local and regional government and legal subjects which has public authority (public administrative bodies). During the 2015 Republic of Croatia has brought a Strategy of public administration development for the period 2015 – 2020, as a continuation of public administration reform started by Strategy of government administration reform for the period 2008 – 2011. Strategy is clearly defined goal, talk about quality standards, establishes business processes of public administration, suggest methodology for modelling and providing public policies, defined general and specific objectives.


The main goal of Strategy is public services quality improvement because of secure higher standard of living for people and creating stimulating entrepreneurship environment. However, this goal is not sufficiently achieved. Therefore, at the end of 2017, it was decided to launch the Project for the introduction of a quality management system in the public administration of the Republic of Croatia. In this paper, the author presents the most important elements of the Project



Doctor of Economics, assistant professor, research associate in two scientific areas: 1) in the area social sciences, the field of economics and 2) in area of technical sciences, the field of transport technologies and traffic. He has 36 years of work experience in the field of air transport (airline, airport), where of 26 years in management positions at Zagreb Airport, Ltd. including positions of Quality Manager and President and CEO.


He specialises in management systems and transport technology and traffic and has completed numerous postgraduate training courses organised by the EOQ-European Organisation for Quality, obtaining world-renowned diplomas: EOQ Quality Systems Manager, EOQ Quality Auditor, EOQ Environmental Systems Manager, EOQ Environmental System Auditor, EOQ Project Manager, EOQ Management System Senior Consultant, EOQ Risk Manager, EOQ Process Manager and others.


He is a member of various scientific and professional associations in Croatia and abroad, including the ASQ – American Society for Quality. He was a member of the Scientific Council for Traffic of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, in period 2013 – 2019. He has been the president of the Croatian Quality Managers Society since 2009. He is the initiator, founder and president of MSEECQI – Middle and South East European Countries Quality Initiatives, founded in 2014, which consists of 16 institutions, faculties and quality organizations from 10 countries.


Author of more than 170 scientific and professional papers published in Croatia and abroad, and one book, he is a guest lecturer at several universities in the Republic of Croatia and assistant professor at University North, Croatia. He is a member of the scientific, editorial and review committees of the symposium on quality in many countries: India, Thailand, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Poland and Croatia. He contributes to management systems as: author, professor, reviewer, editor, quality systems manager, environmental systems manager, project manager, consultant, auditor.


He has participated on 106 international scientific conferences in the country and abroad, with a public presentation of his paper. He edited numerous (12) proceedings from international symposiums on quality organized by Croatian Quality Managers Society and Croatian Society for Quality and three books.

He is a President of Board of Directors of two institutions: Oskar Edukos, Ltd, organization for personal certification in accordance with ISO 17024 norm, which organization is EOQ Member, and also Croatian National Quality Awards Foundation.

He is an auditor for quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental management system ISO 14001, top level (A1 status), with international experience, too.


He has worked on numerous projects for the implementation of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, and an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001, as a project manager or consultant. In the national project implemented by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the implementation of a quality management system in the public administration of the Republic of Croatia, he is a key expert for the quality module.

He is a prizeman of 5 high level individual awards for contribution on quality management in Croatia including Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by Croatian Quality Managers Society 2016 and Award of the city of Velika Gorica in which he lives, for his overall contribution and exceptional achievements in his professional and scientific career 2018.

He is honorary member of The Managers of Quality and Production Association from Czestochowa, Poland, from 2016.

In June 2018, at the IAQ General Meeting in Paris, he was accepted as a member of the IAQ – International Academy for Quality, in the status of IAQ – Associate Academician.

For the contribution in generating of Croatian State the President of Republic of Croatia honoured him two times with a high level medals.