Miflora M. Gatchalian, PhD CEO, Quality Partners Company, Ltd. TITLE: Culture Based "Sugod" approach to TQM The case of People 360 Consuling Program

Title: Culture Based "Sugod" approach to TQM The case of People 360 Consuling Program



In Filipino language, the  word  “SUGOD”  means “move-on together fast!”  and is currently used as an acronym  for “Survey, Unite, Grow  Operationalize, Develop” . It  provides a  roadmap  cum framework  which follows  Deming’s  Plan Do Check Act  but  adapted  to  the  Filipino culture.  For many years, initiating and sustaining efforts towards total quality have remained a formidable challenge for Philippine businesses. Based  on extensive experiences  and  case  studies, the need for a culture-sensitive approach was  realized  to be most urgently needed by the Filipino entrepreneurs in  their  quest  for  total  quality.

Through time, this realization led  to  the  development  by  Jose  and  Miflora  Gatchalian of a culture-based  road  map  cum framework  towards  the  pursuit of  Total  Quality Management (TQM)  now  known  as  “SUGOD”.  One  of  the latest  and  most  successful companies that employed  the  culture-based approach is  People 360 Consultancy Corporation (PCC) which  was lately reported  by  Financial Times as  one  of  the  “500 Fastest  Growing Companies  in  Asia in  2016-2019”.  These  were  the  years that PCC  pursued  TQM  through  the  “SUGOD”  approach. PCC provides professional services and solutions focused on various facets of Occupational Safety and Health.  


The  Company  started as  a  small venture ( 6 employees)  in 2011   and  was still struggling  to  grow  when  the  intervention  towards  TQM was initiated  in  mid-2016.  With the  owner’s  exemplary leadership which focused on a Filipino attitude  of  “Malasakit”, a  culture-based  sincere concern for others,  he  succeeded  to  make  the employees imbibe   the practice  across  the  ranks.  There was a  total  turn-around  in  employee  attitudes which  was strongly  observed  especially within  the  first  year  of  the  intervention.  By 2020 with 149  employees,  despite  the  serious   challenges  of  the Pandemic,  the  Company  remained  intact  and  continued  to  provide  safety-related  services  to  its  Clientele.



Dr. MIFLORA MINOZA-GATCHALIAN, CEO, Quality Partners Company, Ltd (QPCL) earned her Doctorate’s degree from the University of Tokyo in Japan, Master of Arts in Statistics and BS Food Technology from the University of the Philippines (U.P.). Apart  from her   work  at  U.P.  where  she  retired  as full-professor, she also served as V.P. for Operations of Mom and Pop Puyat Food Group, later was Managing Consultant of PIMECO and Red Ribbon Bakeshop  and Consultant of many  other food  and  non-food companies.

She was Chief Technical Adviser on Standards  and Quality in Vietnam  through  the  International  Trade Center,  UNCTAD  GATT.  Together  with  her late  husband, Dr.  Jose  C.  Gatchalian  they  led  the  advocacy for a culture-based “SUGOD” approach  towards TQM.  She  has  written  articles  and  books on  quality and  the  latest  was  the  third  edition  of  Sensory  Evaluation  Methods,  the  first  edition  written  in  1981  was  the  first  book  written  on  this  field  in  the  Philippines.  S

he is Academician emeritus of the prestigious International Academy for Quality (IAQ), was the Philippine Counsellor of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and is an ASQ Fellow. She was  also  past President  of the  Philippine  Society  for  Quality, Inc. (PSQI) and  is  the  Founding President  of  the  Philippine  Association  of  Food  Technologists, Inc. (PAFTI). She is Secretary General  Emeritus  of  the  Asia Pacific Quality  Organization (APQO),  an organization  she  helped  found  in 1985 in Beijing, China. Through  the  years  she  had  obtained  numerous  local  and  international  awards  and  the  latest  of  which  was the  IAQ’s Agnes Zaludova  medal “ for  inspiring contributions to  the advancement of  quality by a  female professional”.