Mats Deleryd, President & CEO of the Swedish Institute for Quality, SIQ TITLE: Towards societal satisfaction in a fifth generation of quality – the SIQ Management Model

Title: Towards societal satisfaction in a fifth generation of quality – the SIQ Management Model


Our latest research shows that more and more businesses are striving for economic success without sacrificing environmental or social factors. The business community seems to be taking the lead in the sustainability and innovation work, eagerly encouraged by customers who want to see a change.
For organisations to manage current, fast-changing environments successfully, existing management models need to be further developed supporting organisations contributing to their and societal sustainable success.


Recently, more than hundred researchers and experts were involved in a project transforming the SIQ excellence model to support sustainable development. Today, the new “SIQ Management Model” represents one of the most pragmatic support for organisations managing their journey towards sustainable success. The presentation will focus on the reasoning behind quality as a platform for sustainable success, how the SIQ Management Model was developed and designed and how it is available for any organisation to use.



Mats Deleryd is President of SIQ - the Swedish Institute for Quality and full Professor in Quality Technology and Management at Mälardalen University. He is also an elected Academician of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) and elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Based on 20 years of experience in leading operational global roles in organisations such as ABB, Bombardier, Daimler Chrysler, Volvo Construction Equipment and the Volvo Group, his research interest lies in the development of future managerial models and strategies making organisations agile paving and leading the way towards a sustainable development.