Bo Bergman, Professor emeritus, Quality Sciences TITLE: Reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic from a quality improvement point of view

Title: Reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic from a quality improvement point of view


The Covid-19 pandemic has plagued the world for a year and a half. It is still too early to make a final summary, but some conclusions can already be drawn. In this talk I will reflect on the pandemic from a quality improvement point of view; what can be learnt for the future from this pandemic.

After a short summary of the course of the pandemic, I will reflect on the measurement processes and how to interpret the data that has flooded us from the news media. I will also discuss the modelling efforts that have been made.

Deming (1993) proposed a knowledge base for quality improvement which today is often called “improvement knowledge”. I will discuss its elements and their special interpretation to understand the pandemic and its evolution.

In international discourse it has been said that the Swedish strategy stands out. I will discuss some possible arguments for identified differences.

In a final part I will discuss improvement possibilities that has been revealed during the pandemic (for example problematic issues in elderly care). I will also discuss some new behaviours (for example adherence to digital solutions) that may be worthwhile to keep after the end of the pandemic.



Bo Bergman is professor emeritus, Quality Sciences, at Chalmers University of Technology and a senior advisor to Centre of Healthcare Improvement. His career started 1969 with 15 years in aerospace industry during which period he also became a PhD in Mathematical statistics from Lund University, 1978, and was a part time professor in Reliability at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

In 1983 he became a professor in Quality Technology at Linköping University and 1999 the SKF professor in Quality Management at Chalmers University of Technology. He was a cofounder of Centre for Healthcare Improvement, CHI, at Chalmers and its first director 2004–2009. During the period 2011 - 2015 he was a guest professor at Meiji University, Tokyo. As a professor he has supervised 28 PhD students whereof 8 are (or have been) full professors. He has published a large number of scientific papers and many books. He is an Academician emeritus of the International Academy for Quality, IAQ.