Jesper Stenberg, Head of Quality Management and Production Control, Region Skåne County Council TITLE: Quality Improvement is for everyone!

Title: Quality Improvement is for everyone!




Mainly involved quality improvement work in the Swedish health care system at various levels for 20 years. Currently holding the position as head of quality management and production control at Region Skåne County Council. Our main objective is to support management functions across the healthcare system with training programs and facilitation to accomplish a learning culture based on continuous improvement and change management.

Before engaging in system wide strategic development, Jesper held the position as deputy director for the surgery division at the Skåne university hospital engaging in quality improvement activities and organizational change efforts. Before the hospital merger he worked as head of staff and quality improvement at the acute care/emergency division at Lund university hospital. At SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions). 

Jesper worked as a policy advisor with a special interest in management improvement issues in the healthcare sector. Before engaging in the healthcare sector, he worked as a management consultant and deskofficer at the Swedish agency for public management (Statskontoret).

Between 2016-2018 Jesper held a fellowship at the Intermountain leadership institute and in that role, he completed the advance training program (ATP) in 2017.