Javier Negri. Professor of Corporate Law & Governance, Universidad Austral; IGEP TITLE: The future in Corporate Governance

Title: The future in Corporate Governance

By Marcos Bertin, Javier Negri, Hugo Strachan, Raúl Molteni and Mike Lubrano



The changes we are facing, technological, environmental and social among others, will not decrease.  Organizations’s sustainability is critical and its consideration needs to be a priority.  And this is the number one objective for the organizations’ board or owners. Both need to analyze the business beyond the day to day issues and guarantee future sustainability.  

A question arises: current board practices are still effective and efficient enough?  Should any be changed, interrupted or added?  Several workshops have been done with large, medium and small companies board members and owners to share views and insights on potential changes or on the focus boards should give to, for example, its own organization, to sustainability, future risks, and the relationship with management.  

Insights of virtual workshops held with participation of board members of international organizations, and using World Cafe methodology with Zoom and Mural, will be presented.  Invitation to take part of future virtual workshops with board members of organizations from USA, Europe and Asia will also be presented. 



  • Academician, International Academy for Quality
  • Quality in Governance Think Tank, International Academy for Quality
  • Lawyer, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • MCL, University of Illinois
  • Professor of Corporate Law & Governance, Universidad Austral; IGEP
  • Member of the Court of Arbitration for the Arts, Rotterdam
  • Former director, National Arts Fund, Argentina
  • Former COB, Lafarge-Holcim Argentina
  • Director of several Argentine corporations
  • Senior partner, Negri & Pueyrredon, Argentina