Janak Mehta, Honorary Member and former President of International Academy for Quality (IAQ) TILTE: Title: TQM/Business Excellence leveraging ICT* for the benefit of organization, its customers, and the society.

Title: TQM/Business Excellence leveraging ICT* for the benefit of organization, its customers, and the society

By Janak Mehta, and Mahendra Yadav, Director of Caizin LLC 



Brief presentation on how recent developments in information and communication technology (ICT) have provided an opportunity that can lead to better efficiency while conserving material resources and minimizing harm to the environment, thereby contributing to the preservation of the Planet Earth.

Today, our ability to excel in the last 20% of business and operational efficiency, lies in our ability to deal with thousands of data points on day to day basis, at a granularity and frequency which was not achieved in the past. Cost efficiencies and manpower constraints are making it harder to collect and analyse those, hence the use of automation, IoT, analytics and ICT is more important than ever before.

As professionals who believe in quality in holistic sense, we have used ICT and analytics in conjunction with our knowledge and experience to realize our dream of improving work processes and outcomes that were considered impossible until a few years ago. We at TQMI  are collaborating with ICT specialists at our subsidiary Caizin LLC to work in sharply focused areas to demonstrate breakthrough outcomes in a timely manner to earn the confidence of various stakeholders particularly the customer / actual user and the society.

We are pleased to demonstrate our actual work through three case studies. One case study shows empowerment of employees at the Gemba for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Second relates to use of Lean management principles along with ICT to improve results in batch processes. Use of Virtual Twins to improve operational efficiencies and customer delight of fleets operating buses and commercial vehicles.

Presentation will be made by a team of two people.

Case Studies:

Logistics – How macro-economic data, data collected from various sources from outside the purview of the organization help identify logistics risks, placement failure risks, contract risks and logistics cost risks. How data can help make the right decisions of freight procurement based upon time of the year, payload, source and destination and right price for per kilometre per ton.

Daily Works Management – How organization performance and effectiveness corresponding to the vision and goals can be measured, viewed and actioned on day to day.

IoT – How concept of vehicle efficiency, fuel efficiency and preventive maintenance can be turned from reactive to proactive using IoT, data and algorithms bringing significant cost savings and on time performance while reducing harm to the environment.


Biography:   Janak Mehta

Janak Mehta is a mechanical engineer with 25 years experience in business organizations becoming Chief Executive followed by 32 years as consultant helping many organizations to enhance business performance based on quality management principles, concepts, and techniques. He has played a significant role in the cause of quality in India since 1982.

He is the current Chairman and Managing Director of TQM International Pvt. Ltd. (TQMI), an organization he started in 1992. He is the Founding President of Indian Society for Quality (ISQ) in 1996 until 2002 and has again become President in 2020. He contributed to the formation of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) in 2002 and became its Chairperson from 2009-2010 and currently as Honorary Director.

Janak Mehta was invited to join International Academy for Quality (IAQ) world’s apex organization for the cause of quality in 2009 and was elected as President from 2012 to 2014. He is now an honorary member of IAQ. Over the years He has addressed quality events in over 50 countries. He was invited to become Chairman of Intangles Labs Pvt. Ltd., a leader in Digital Twin methodology using advanced telematics to enhance business performance of their clients, an excellent example of quality and ICT working in conjunction to deliver value to customers. Mr. Mehta has started a subsidiary of TQMI named Caizin to leverage ICT to deliver outstanding business results.

Janak Mehta has been recognized for his contribution by Deming Award - Japan, Lancaster Medal by ASQ, USA, Founders Medal by IAQ and Harrington- Ishikawa Award by Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO). He has been responsible for setting up and managing various awards as a member of Governing Council of ISQ since 2004 and given away awards to many prominent Gurus, business leaders and quality professionals from overseas and India. He has been the Chair of awards committees of some of the most prestigious awards of IAQ and ANQ.