James Harrington, Chief Executive Officer for the Harrington Management Systems

Title: "Total Innovation Management Excellence – TIME"



The TIME Pyramid is used a symbol that contains the 17 building blocks required to transform an organization's culture into one that places great value on increased creativity and innovation. It is a holistic model that covers the process that projects need to complete in order to produce high quality innovative output. Each of the 17 building blocks will be presented along with a short description of its purpose.



Dr. H. James Harrington now serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Harrington Management Systems with branches in many countries around the world.  He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for a number of businesses. 

In February 2002 Dr. Harrington retired as the COO of Systemcorp A.L.G., the leading supplier of knowledge management and project management software solutions. Prior to this, he served as a Principal and one of the leaders in the Process Innovation Group at Ernst & Young.  Dr. Harrington was with IBM for over 40 years as a Senior Engineer and Project Manager.


Dr. Harrington is past Chairman and past President of the prestigious International Academy for Quality and of the American Society for Quality  He is also an active member of the Global Knowledge Economics Council and past President of the Altshuller Institute.

While H. James Harrington was Chairman of ASQ, he was one of the leaders in getting the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award through Congress and approved by the President of the U.S.  He also served as the first Treasurer of the Malcolm Baldrige Consortium that set up and developed the award.



H. James Harrington was elected to the honorary level of the International Academy for Quality, which is the highest level of recognition in the quality profession.  H. James Harrington is a government-registered Quality Engineer, a Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer by the American Society for Quality Control, and a Permanent Certified Professional Manager by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers.  He is also a certified Master Six Sigma Black Belt and earned the title of “Six Sigma Grand Master”.  H. James Harrington has an MBA and Ph.D. in Engineering Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering. He received an honorary PhD from the University of Sudan and recognition of his contributions to the quality movement in the Middle East.

Dr. Harrington has been elected a Fellow of the British Quality Control Organization and the American Society for Quality Control.  In 2008 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Iran Quality Association and of the Azerbaijan Quality Association.  He was also elected an honorary member of the quality societies in Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Singapore.  He is also listed in the “Who’s – Who Worldwide” and “Men of Distinction Worldwide.”  He has presented hundreds of papers on performance improvement and organizational management structure at the local, state, national, and international levels. 


  • The Harrington/Ishikawa Medal, presented yearly by the Asian Pacific Quality Organization, was named after H. James Harrington to recognize his many contributions to the region.
  • The Harrington/Neron Medal was named after H. James Harrington in 1997 for his many contributions to the quality movement in Canada.
  • Harrington Best TQM Thesis Award was established in 2004 and named after H. James Harrington by the European Universities Network and e-TQM College.
  • Harrington Chair in Performance Excellence was established in 2005 at the Sudan University.
  • Harrington Excellence Medal was established in 2007 to recognize an individual who uses the quality tools in a superior manner.
  • Dr. Harrington’s contributions to performance improvement around the world have brought him many honors and awards, including the Edwards Medal, the Lancaster Medal, ASQ’s Distinguished Service Medal, China’s Magnolia Award and many others.