Huang Qingfeng, Regional Executive General manager of Yangtze River of CCCC (mother company of ZPMC) TITLE: The reconstruction of quality management in the digital age

Title: The reconstruction of quality management in the digital age



There is no doubt that human beings have entered and stridden forward in the digital age. From the industrial revolution to now, our accumulation and precipitation in the field of quality management has been deepening, and different theories and methods have been formed, which have played a positive role in various fields including manufacturing industry. But at the same time, these quality management theories and methods are also facing different degrees of development difficulties. Combined with more than 20 years of quality management experience in the field of port equipment manufacturing, I feel that in the digital era, we need to re-examine and practice the original quality management methods, so that they can be iterated and reborn in the digital environment. I will share specific experience in the implantation of advanced concepts, localization of management mode, and information technique innovation of front-line quality management.



Mr. Huang Qingfeng had worked for Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd(ZPMC) more than 25 years, and now, is the executive general manager of regional headquarter in the Yangtze River of CCCC, the mother company of ZPMC.

He has also been vice chairman of Shanghai Association for Quality (SAQ) since 2015 . In December 2019, he was elected to the rank of Academician in the International Academy for Quality (IAQ).

Through more than 25 years of practical exploration, he has opened up a unique successful path in the field of equipment manufacturing quality management. He has systematically put forward the "Zero debt delivery" management concept in this company and led ZPMC successively to win the 2nd China Quality Award in 2015. He also won the Global Performance Excellence Award (world-class) from APQO in 2017, and the Asian Quality Innovation Award of AQFDA in 2016.

Due to his outstanding contribution and important influence in quality work, he won honors such as 2014 Quality and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award of China Association for Quality and 2017 Shanghai Mayor Quality Award.