Greg Watson, Past-Chair and Honorary Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ)

Title: Augmenting the Actual with the Abstract: An Austere AI Application



The move toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications has accelerated over the past year. With so many offerings it becomes a confusing situation to understand where and how to begin. This presentation describes a case of an actual application of an AI-based work process improvement for an injection molding Small Enterprise. The choice of what to do is particularly perilous for the SME organization due to typically low budgets and poor availability of discretionary funds for investment. This case study highlights several lessons learned that encourage a methodical process-oriented approach toward adapting digital technology to production processes and warns that care must be taken not to automate the production of waste. How lean methods and the statistical control technologies should be used to prepare work processes for automation is a significant learning.



Gregory H. Watson is Past-Chair and Honorary Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and also the Past-Chair and Honorary Member of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ). He has been elected to the International Statistical Institute and is a Fellow of the World Productivity Council, the Royal Statistical Society, and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. Dr. Watson is the first non-Japanese quality professional to be awarded the W. Edwards Deming Medal in recognition of his excellence in applying and teaching Japanese methods for continual improvement.