Grace L. Duffy, President Management & Performance Systems TITLE: Cultural and country management sustainability through the SAC-Model

Title: Cultural and country management sustainability through the SAC-Model



The recent global political events have prompted the design of an approach to address society and cultural needs more effectively. A structured society comprised of loosely coupled states provides citizens local voice in public affairs and encourages entrepreneurship for economic growth. A system of federal agencies and organizations exists to provide common services and overall defense. The Society & Active Citizenship Model is applicable to all countries.

The SAC-model is applied to organizational processes to maximize their effectiveness, regardless of culture or government. To our knowledge, a formal management model does not yet exist to assess the extent to which a country is well managed and how management of the country leads to a sustainable culture for all its stakeholders. This session briefly describes the main characteristics, value, and tools of the SAC-Model.


1.       Provide an orientation to the development of the Society and Active Citizenship Model

2.       Describe the iterative SAC-Model

3.       Identify the cultural and management value of implementing the model within a country

4.       Facilitate open discussion on applying the model to different government structures



Grace has over 45 years’ experience in successful business and process management in corporate, government, education, and healthcare. Grace uses her experience as President, CEO, and senior manager to help organizations improve. She has authored 15 texts, additional book chapters, and many articles on quality, leadership, and organizational performance.

She is a frequent speaker and trainer. Grace holds an MBA from Georgia State University.  She is an ASQ CMQ/OE, CQIA, SSGB, and CQA. Grace is a LSS Master Black Belt, ASQ Fellow and Distinguished Service Medalist. Grace is the recipient of both the Quality Magazine Professional of the Year and the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization Miflora M. Gatchalian International Woman in Quality Medal.