Glenn Mazur, Executive Director of the QFD Institute and International Council for QFD TITLE: Introductory Tutorial on Modern QFD and ISO 16355

Title: Introductory Tutorial on Modern QFD and ISO 16355



Among the advanced quality methods is Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to assure customer satisfaction, competitiveness,  innovation, and build excellence in new product development. Since its origins in Japan in the 1960s, QFD has undergone continuous improvement in response to the challenges of 21st century markets and technology. Modern QFD tools are included in the new ISO 16355 standard. These tools are lean and fast, yet still encompass the breadth of new product developers from business planning, marketing, R&D, engineering, quality, build, support, and retirement from market. These tools are applied to manufactured products, services, software and technology products, and hybrids.

This tutorial will introduce the core tools of Modern QFD including customer segments table, customer gemba visits, customer voice table, customer needs prioritization, and the maximum value table. Each tool will be demonstrated with a case study. Industry specific case studies may be requested, as available.



Glenn H. Mazur has been active in QFD since its inception in North America in the 1980s, and has worked extensively with the founders of QFD on their teaching and consulting visits from Japan. He is a leader in the application of QFD as well as conducting advanced QFD research, and is the Chair for the International Symposium on Quality Function Deployment. Glenn is the Executive Director of the QFD Institute and International Council for QFD, and retired Adjunct Lecturer on TQM at the University of Michigan College of Engineering and retired senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC). He is a certified QFD Red Belt® (highest level), one of two in North America. He is a certified QFD-Architekt #A21907 by QFD Institut Deutschland. He is honorary president of the Hong Kong QFD Association and Asia QFD Association. He is convenor of the ISO Working Group which has written the ISO 16355 series standards for QFD, member of TC69/SC7 writing the ISO 20575 standard for Design for Six Sigma, and liaison to TC 312 writing the ISO/TS 23686 standard for Service Excellence and TC 207 for Environmental Management. He is an Academician of the International Academy for Quality. He is the recipient of the 1998 Akao Prize® for Excellence in QFD and the 2017 Yoshio Kondo Academic Research Prize.