Fredrik Hedfors, Head of Quality at CEVT TITLE: The definition of mobility, by CEVT

Title: The definition of mobility, by CEVT


The Lynk & Co 01 has entered the European Market. A car developed by CEVT at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Sweden. CEVT is now already on the move developing the next generation of mobility, but next to this mission, CEVT also follows the first Lynk & Co to the European market and is responsible for the quality assurance and the continuous development of the Lynk & Co Eu cycle plan. Learn more, when Fredrik Hedfors shares some insights about how CEVT defines mobility for a different tomorrow, as well as the journey with Lynk & Co 01 for EU.



Fredrik Hedfors has several years of senior experience in the automotive industry. Before becoming head of Quality at CEVT Fredrik had several managerial positions within Volvo Cars covering Electrical engineering, Climate engineering as well as Quality/Warranty managing. Fredrik joined CEVT in 2015 to a member of the management team with responsibility for Quality. Since March 2021, Fredrik is leading the work of securing the customer experience when it comes to quality matters of the Lynk & Co 01 in Europe.