Folke Höglund, Past Quality Assurance Manager for the SKF Group TITLE: How to establish a win/win relationship with Suppliers

Title: How to establish a win/win relationship with Suppliers



A presentation about how right level of collaboration with suppliers can provide better quality and large savings

Today, the companies' suppliers have often become increasingly important for the results delivered. The suppliers' share of the total value created for the end customer has steadily increased for many years. These can be various forms such as subcontractors, material, service, system and function suppliers, and to a large extent outsourcing, staffing and consulting.

What is bought in has also become increasingly complex and relatively often it is also about large knowledge content. This applies to all organizations and at least as much in the service sector as in the production of goods. In order to achieve good quality, this means that the quality development is systematically developed, secured and controlled at all supplier levels. Different methods and approaches will be presented,  that are of great value in this work. I will touch on activities from second-party audits and control activities to strategic partnerships with joint improvement initiatives.


Employed by AB SKF 1961 – 2009, and had leading technical positions in Sweden as well as abroad. Since 1994 has he held the position as Quality Assurance Manager for the SKF Group, responsible for and conceptual development of Management System, Process Management and Improvement Approach, including Six Sigma. Folke was project responsible for SKF Academy, a World wide 21 days Quality Training programme for all SKF Quality Professional

Folke has been engaged by Sandholms Associates as trainer since 2001.

Folke has many years’ experiences as trainer and speaker on Management System, Process Management, Supplier management, Improvement Approaches and Six Sigma. He has been examiner leader for the SIQ Swedish Award process, also trained as examiner for EFQM award criteria and has a formal certificate as AIAG/TS 16949 auditor.

Folke has written three books within the Quality Area, published by Student Litterature, Sweden:

“Six Sigma” (2007) together with Lars Sörqvist, Sandholms Associates.
Quality Development (2005, updated 2015)
Supplier Quality (2019)

Folke is a board member at the West Coast Region Swedish Association for Quality, SFK. He has been engaged in organizing SFK conferences, e.g. several World Quality Days and SFK Spring Conference 2021 about Quality 4.0.