Duan Yonggang, Vice President & Secretary General of China Association for Quality (CAQ) TITEL: Made in China- 40 Years’ Journey to High Quality Development

Title: Made in China- 40 Years’ Journey to High Quality Development



The speech will review the journey of "Made in China" towards high-quality development in the 40+ years’ implementation of China's reform and opening up policy and the establishment of the China Quality Association. The high-quality journey of “Made in China” includes the four stages of awakening quality awareness, focusing on quality benefits, improving quality competitiveness, and building a quality ecology.



Dr. Duan Yonggang, Vice President &Secretary General of China Association for Quality (CAQ), holds a Doctor’s degree   in Sociology and Master’s degree in Journalism. He is International Academy for Quality (IAQ) companion and Chairman of World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ). He joined CAQ in 2002 by founding Quality magazine and served as chief editor and president of the magazine. After taking over the position of Secretary General in 2015, Dr. Duan has contributed to quality development in China through promoting a series of projects.

He has participated in the publication of 21 works, including The Blue Book on the Quality Management of China's Manufacturing Enterprises, Total Quality Management (4th edition), Group Standard Implementation Guideline for Enterprise Field Management, Group Standard Criteria for Quality Control Circle Activity, Criteria for Customer Relationship Management, and etc.


About China Association for Quality (CAQ):

Established on August 31, 1979, China Association for Quality (CAQ) is a national and professional non-profit social organization formed by organizations and individuals on their own initiative who are committed to quality management and innovation.

Since its foundation, CAQ has been putting efforts into various work, including the popularization of knowledge, skills and methods on quality management, the promotion of Total Quality Management, the publicity and implementation of Quality Management System standards, and the dissemination of Performance Excellence Model; it has also been encouraging organizations to launch quality improvement activities such as Quality Control Circle, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Field Management, etc., and stimulating firms to implement Customer Satisfaction Project, develop good quality culture, and cultivate quality brands.

Because of the great amount of effective work, CAQ has won wide recognition from the government, business community and other sectors of society. Its core business covers quality research, quality training, international quality exchange and service, quality evaluation, quality consultation, quality certification, quality publicity, quality media, quality culture development and brand cultivation.