David Hutchins, Chairman and Senior consultant David Hutchins Innovation Limited TITLE:: The core concept of Hoshin Kanri and Total Quality Management

Title: The core concept of Hoshin Kanri and Total Quality Management



Judging by the never ending stream of postings on Social Media related to the Quality Sciences and Disciplines, it appears obvious that very few people appear to understand what Hoshin Kanri and Total Quality Management actually are. In the postings, we see many illustrations of a variety of problem solving tools and processes. Some of these are impressive but many are not, but, collectively they display complete ignorance of the fact that HK and TQM (for convenience here will simply say TQM) are not competitors with any of these. The reason being that TQM is not a box of tools and concepts but the label for a complete philosophy of management probably outside of many people's experience. How do you explain water to a fish!

In this presentation, David Hutchins will attempt to remove the blindfolds and demonstrate that regardless of Quality 1, 2, 3 and 4 or any other development, TQM is a label that can be used to embrace all of them hence the use of the word 'Total'.



  • Juran Institute Six Sigma Master Black Belt and UK representative of Dr JM Juran from 1983 to his retirement in 1992.
  • Author and co-author of 9 books including bestselling Hoshin Kanri – The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement and his latest book published on 19th April 2019 Quality Beyond Borders – winner of the IAQ Masing Award for Quality related literature.
  • Author of hundreds of quality related papers and published articles on quality related topics.
  • International experience with the Governments of Egypt, South Africa, and Tunisia, UNIDO and World Bank funded projects and many multinational companies for the establishment of corporate level Quality based management systems.
  • Author of the CQI Diploma published in 2010 and his company is approved as an Education Centre for training to the level of Chartered Quality Professional.
  • Frequent Keynote speaker at International Quality Conferences and Seminars over many years.


  • Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, Quality Function Deployment and all forms of Continuous improvement including Root Cause Analysis, Cross Functional Project by Project Improvement and Intra departmental Performance improvement using Quality Circles.
  • Nearly 40 years experience assisting with the implementation of Quality based Business management systems internationally
  • Implementation of Hoshin Kanri as an umbrella for all Quality related Initiatives, establishment and deployment of Key Performance Indicators or Critical Success factors.
  • Accelerated team based Learning methods of education and training to maximise effectiveness.
  • Designed and obtained Governmental (OfQual) approval for the Chartered Quality Institute range of professional qualifications.
  • Designed and developed the Master’s Degree in Quality Leadership by Workplace agreement at Kingston University.


  • Keynote invited speaker at both Dr Juran’s and Professor Ishikawa’s Centenary of their birth celebrations!


  • Masters Degree from Birmingham University in Quality and Reliability Statistics.
  • Currently sole UK Academician International Academy for Quality
  • Past external examiner for UMIST on PhD and Master’s Quality related Theses.
  • Visiting Fellow Kingston University.
  • Author of many articles and 8 acclaimed books on Quality related subjects.
  • Chartered Mechanical and Production Engineer (Production Engineering now absorbed into membership of the Institute of Engineering Technology) .
  • Chartered Quality Professional,
  • SMASQ (Senior Member American Society for Quality)