Chris Hayes, CEO Impact Performance Solutions

Title: Shingo Model: A Principle-Based Approach to Achieving Excellence



What do organizations strive for? Profits, growth, cash flow – all different for unique industries, company types, and maturities of organizations. To remain competitive, organizations must understand their current culture and how the behaviors exhibited within it drive the results they are getting. Leadership must first understand and then act to ensure they develop or refine systems to drive consistent and excellent ideal behaviors that, in turn, drive consistent and excellent ideal results.


The Shingo Institute has studied this concept in depth, researching multitudes of companies and, as a result, formulated the Shingo Model, a framework through which leadership can build a culture of sustainable excellence. The model is recognized around the globe as the premier model for organizational and operational excellence and introduces the key concept of Guiding Principles and their criticality in shaping an organization’s culture to drive organizational and operational excellence.


In this session, Chris Hayes, one of only 34 licensed Shingo Affiliates in the world and 20-year practitioner and coach of the Shingo Model, will introduce participants to the model and why it is not just another initiative, but rather a new way of thinking. Participants will be introduced, through video, to companies currently using the model and how it has improved their organizations.  Chris will also present information about the Shingo Prize, the prize for organizational excellence, coveted and used to guide their journey by companies all around the world, including countries such as Ireland, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Singapore, Costa Rica, U.S., and many others.

Who should attend:

·       Top leadership in companies wishing to improve culture and results

·       Those involved in company improvement initiatives including supervisors and team members

·       Anyone wishing to learn more about proven ways to achieve results



For the last 30 years, Chris has spent her career working in diverse industries, partnering with hundreds of organizations, helping them “improve the way they improve”. She has built her career around the practice that good leaders plan for the right culture. Chris has partnered with organizations from Fortune 100 to two-man shops and provides practical experience that ranges from the shop floor to the boardroom.


She has facilitated 16 organizational transformations in the past 20 years, has spoken internationally in 8 countries, authored over 50 global publications and is one of only 34 Shingo Licensed Affiliates in the world. She has served on various boards, including ASQ’s, the world’s largest and most well-known professional quality association. As COO of iMpact Utah, Chris is dedicated to cultivating a culture that produces results—both within iMpact Utah and with every one of our clients. In addition to her extensive experience, Chris holds an MBA and a BSBA in Business and Project Management in addition to numerous certifications in areas of quality, project management, HR, supply chain and Lean Six Sigma.