Bengt Seger, Site Manager at Sandvik TITLE: Leadership and the importance of clarity for successful quality work

Title: Leadership and the importance of clarity for successful quality work



This presentation is about leadership in the improvement work and about being clear to get as many people as possible to engage with and contribute to the work. The accuracy of the planning step (P) in the PDCA cycle is of great importance for the result. A well-described motive for the change is of great importance for the motivation of those involved. Bengt will show an example of improvement work where accuracy and motive have played a major role in a successful result with cost savings and reduced environmental impact as a result.



Bengt Seger is site manager at Sandvik's plant in Västberga in Stockholm. There are six different Sandvik departments operating on the site, three in research and development, two in production and one that combines research and development with production.

In his role he is responsible for an organization that handling needs that are general and common to the Sandvik departments on the site. The idea behind this solution is that departments can have full focus on their core business.  The site organization handles media supply, construction projects, security systems and similar areas.

He has worked at Sandvik for more than 28 years and have previously held seven different positions in the areas of production, quality, service and security. In 2008, he attended the Black-Belt training at Sandholm Associates. In all the roles, my focus on quality has been an important part. The Black-Belt training gave him in-depth knowledge and he have benefited greatly from it in his work and it has affected his results positively.