Anders Janson, Colonel and Director Swedish MAA, Swedish Armed Forces

Title: The power of the safety culture for learning organizations and how audits performed in a positive spirit, creates improved flight safety



The briefing will elaborate about the history of the swedish air force flightsafety culture with "Just Culture" as a signum. Taking it from there to how the military aviation authority, FLYGI, perform inspections in the same spirit. "You must have the inspected organisations trust in order to get the most out of the inspection. With that approach you get continued improvements"



Colonel Anders Janson, director Swedish MAA. Colonel Anders Janson has a background as an Air Force fighter pilot. He started his Air Force career with basic flying training in 1986. During the years 1988-99 he flew the SAAB Viggen fighter at the F 21 Wing in Luleå. The last three years as Squadron Commander. In 1999 Anders was assigned as head of the flight safety department (operational flight safety) at the Swedish Airforce. In 2001 Anders did conversion training for the JAS 39 Gripen. Colonel Anders Janson has approx. 2500 flying hours of military jet aircraft. In 2006 Anders was assigned as Head of the military ATM department and since 2015 Anders is the Director of the Swedish MAA, FLYGI. Colonel Janson attended the National Defence College advanced course in 1995—97.