In 1981 Sandholm Associates started to give training courses in quality management in China and became the first western company to do so. 1976 Lennart Sandholm started the education in quality management at Linköping University that became the first university in Sweden to offer training in quality management.


Since 1989, Lennart Sandholm, and later the company's current CEO, Lars Sörqvist, have led research and education in quality management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Lars Sörqvist currently works in senior positions at the International Academy for Quality (IAQ), the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and the Shanghai Association for Quality (SAQ).


Over the years, Sandholm Associates consultants have written many books, scientific articles, popular articles, and held talks at conferences on most continents, and acted as advisors to governments in several countries. New knowledge and new ways of teaching quality and improvements have been developed within the company.


Today Sandholm Associates and Sandholm Excellence Center are led by Lars Sörqvist and Marita Bergendahl. Both also work as trainers and consultants.




Future of Sandholm Associates

After fifty successful years with quality management, Sandholm Associates now head into an exciting and fast-developing future. The need to improve accelerates, and Sandholm Associates is well prepared for this. For half a century, leading change focusing on improvements is our primary competence.


A significant difference we already see is digital learning taking over. We believe that future learning will be blended. A smart mix there the best digital and physical learning technics are mixed. We have also recently developed a concept of hybrid learning that makes it possible for the individual to choose what's best for him och her.


As the speed of change around today's companies and organizations is exponential, learning and improvements also have to accelerate. This means that organizations have to spend much more time on lifelong learning and that the ability to improve will be the number-one success factor of the future. Quality and improvements will be the foundation of future leadership.


Sandholm Associates is well prepared for this and is soon offering a completely new leadership development program grounded in improvement management and digital leadership.

Future organizations must take a more holistic responsibility for quality and improvements to keep up with change. In this development, Sandholm Associates will be the natural long-time partner, supporting the development of quality competence for  a solid quality culture.