As Sandholm Associates celebrates 50-year 2021, we plan to arrange an unique and extraordinary anniversary. Due to the pandemic situation it turned out to be impossible to arrange an physical conference, as we did having 700 participants in a global conference when celebrating 40-year 2011.

The Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks will be a unique online conference with speakers, training courses, workshops, panel discussions, Q&A-sessions, late-night speeches, and celebrations in a new digital way. During the conference, you will be inspired and learn from more than 100 of the world's most experienced Thought Leaders in Quality, Excellence, and Organizational improvements.


But this event is not just about listening to all the speeches. The Sandholm 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks will be very interactive, using new technology in smart ways. In panel discussions leading quality experts will discuss some of the most critical questions regarding quality today and in the future. Through our interactive workshops, you will meet colleagues from all over the world, and exchange experiences in discussions in smaller groups moderated creatively. In Q&A-sessions our experts will discuss and answer selected questions mailed by the participants. At our late night speeches, Sandholm Associates CEO will focus on different actual quality challenges.


We have also included several mini versions of Sandholm Associates most popular and important training courses on top of all this. This makes the Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks not just to a conference, but also to an exclusive learning event. All training courses are based on e-learning and could be taken when suits individual agendas and time zones best. Each training course will also offer a Sandholm Diploma after passing a test directly after taking the course.


During the Sandholm 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks, there will also be social activities like a digital conference dinner, after work, and a party. Even if such digital activities probably sound strange for many, we dare to promise a very new and interesting experience.



Fees for participating in Sandholm 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks


We have chosen to offer two versions of participation in the Sandholm 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks. You could follow the entire program that includes all activities mentioned on this website in combination with free access to recorded speeches, panel discussions, and late night speeches for a time of two months after the closing of our event. Alternatively, you could take a light version of the program that just includes access to the speeches during the conference time.


The fee for full participation is SEK 9950 (+ Swedish tax)

Full participation includes access to all activities in the conference and access to all the speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and Q&A-sessions for two more months. 


The fee for light participation is SEK 4995 (+ Swedish tax)

Light participation includes access opening and closing sessions and to all speeches during the two weeks event.


The Sandholm 50-year Anniversary Quality and Excellence Weeks could also be invoiced in Euro through our international company Sandholm Excellence Center Ltd. if this is more convenient for your financial department. The fee is 950 Euro for full participation and 450 Euro for light participation. If you want to be charged in Euro please mail us for invoice on sandholm50@sandholm.se


We offer discounts for groups of five or more people from the same company or licenses for companies and organizations. If this is of interest, please contact us.


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